dfsYour child’s birthday could be round the corner and every parent understands how hectic this time usually is especially when it comes to picking music, presents and the right cake and mfor the child.

You could be wondering which type and design of a birthday cake to get for your child or the kind of decoration to use on their cake to make it special. Below are some great children birthday cake ideas that will offer a quick solution to the best cake to use for several years to come:

Sports Cakes


If your child is an active kid then you can rest assured that he/she will love a sports themed birthday cake. There are some straightforward cake ideas you could use like having the cake mould into the shape of a football, basketball or baseball. Sporty kids will appreciate a birthday cake that resembles the sport of their choice. In order to make the cake as realistic as possible you can throw in a hoop, goal, net or plastic figurines that resemble sports players and spectators.

Character Cakes


If the birthday boy or girl loves cartoons, television and films then choosing the character cake is a great birthday cake idea. For your girl, you could go for a Barbie cake and other Disney characters while a boy would appreciate a Ben 10 or G.I. Joe themed cake. It is easy to find these cartoon characters from upscale baking stores who stock the licensed characters that are most popular with the kids.

Photo Cakes


If you have tried all the above cake ideas and need a new idea, you could try the photo cakes. This would involve making the cake with a photo of the child, a special character or their favorite photograph, that is translucent and made of sugar. It is also possible to get an edible version of the photo from a local cake decorator at a fee. You can then follow all the required instructions to get the photo birthday cake of your child’s dreams.

Animal Cakes


If you little one is an animal lover then this would be the perfect birthday cake idea to use on their birthday cake. The classic favorite animals are the puppies, kittens, teddy bears and pandas. The cake could either be in the shape of the Teddy bear or the form of their favorite animal including all the parts of its face that ought to be edible to increase the fun at the birthday event.

All the above are some of the great birthday cake ideas you could use when selecting the perfect birthday cake for your child.

Birthday Cake Ideas
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